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CMS Maintenance

Content Management Systems allow you to make content updates, keeping your site fresh, up-to-date and competitive. Although a CMS offers you a great deal of freedom, you might still need some help from time to time with backups, updates and security issues.

No CMS solution is 100% secure . WordPress, Drupal, or any other CMS, comes with risks. But, these risks can be dramatically reduced by taking simple, proactive steps.

Simply updating WordPress can provide an instant boost in site security. However, doing so can cause problems with the functionality of your site if you are not equipped to manage plugin upgrades or potential issues a WordPress upgrade can cause.

We offer maintenance services to our clients to ensure their website is functioning at peak performance and security.

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Monthly WordPress Maintenance Packages

  • Review and update WordPress core.
  • Review and update plugins.
  • Perform code updates as needed.
  • Add/Enhance/Streamline WordPress features based on client needs.
  • Review comment and form SPAM. Clean out as necessary.
  • Review security (see Security Add on below).
  • Review backups (see Backup Add on below).

Security Add On

  • Protection against hackers and breaches keeping the site safe.
  • Monitoring. Detect when breaches are attempted and take steps to eliminate them.
  • Recovery and restoration services. Fixing hacks as needed or completely restoring sites from a backup (see Backup Add on).
  • Education. Educate client on security best practices they need to utilize (secure passwords for one) to help keep their website safe.

Backup Add On

  • Peace of mind against complete loss of data.
  • Scheduled and reviewed by professionals on a set interval determined by client.
  • Recovery if website is compromised.
  • Remote backups to (Amazon S3, Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud, FTP or email).
    Note: Amazon S3, Rackspace and potentially FTP would have additional fees associated with them.