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Mobile applications and mobile web sites are quickly becoming larger portions of every company’s digital media plan. With more and more smart phones purchased every day, making sure you have a quality presence on a mobile device is not only incredibly important but becoming absolutely essential to a successful marketing campaign. VD Elite can develop a wide variety of Mobile web sites as well as custom Mobile Applications for any device or platform.

Adapting from our experience with web application development and web marketing, we are able to develop targeted mobile marketing and information delivery solutions for our clients.

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Mobile Web Sites

We can develop a mobile ready site to work in conjunction with your existing web presence or as a standalone product developed specifically to target mobile audiences. Using the latest in mobile development practices, we can build your mobile web presence so it will function effectively on popular mobile operating systems and screen resolutions.

Mobile web sites allow you to,

  • Quickly retrieve data anywhere there is cell phone coverage.
  • Provide data access to the estimated one third of the world will have access to the internet through a mobile device this year.
  • Provide location-sensitive information and content.
  • Retrieve information and data without a Wi-Fi connection.

Working with your company, we will help you to identify your specific mobile audience groups and then use that information to develop an effective marketing strategy for your mobile presence.

Responsive Design

Designing your website using this approach allows the layout to transform and adjust specifically for the user’s screen. So, instead of having a website, a mobile site, a tablet site, you have one website that adjusts for all users.

The coding of the website will allow it to expand and reshape to the device being used to view it. Try this,

  • Adjust the size of your browser window (grab the corner and drag the window smaller).
  • Note how the layout, navigation and page elements will move to fit the display window.

As you can see, the design adjusts smoothly no matter the screen size. This means that this design will work seamlessly on a desktop, tablet, or any type of smart phone.

Mobile Applications (Apps)

Whether it’s a game, a productivity enhancement application or custom utility, mobile application popularity is growing daily primarily because they are effective products and tools for reaching all demographics. Mobile applications have evolved to the point that they now give users a rich and fast user experience.

In this respect, mobile applications offer a distinctly different experience from browsing the mobile web and they allow faster access to information on a platform specifically created for a target device. Overall, mobile web applications create a much more seamless experience than simply using the mobile web on its own.

The most popular mobile phone platforms include,

  • Apple iPhone
  • Google Android

Our mobile apps can range in functionality from a calculator for field sales reps to a tool for navigating a trade show or a game promoting issue awareness or a specific fundraiser.

Common types of mobile applications include,

  • Communications
  • Games
  • Multimedia
  • Productivity
  • Travel
  • Utilities