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Content Management System (CMS)

A CMS makes updating a website’s content easy enough for anyone to handle. Our customised websites allow your team to update content without coding or server management skills. No HTML, no FTP, no complicated systems. And the designs are customized for your marketing and communications goals.

Your website’s success depends on the quality of your content and how often it’s updated.

VD Elite offers custom website content management solutions that fit your project and budget.

Although having a typically higher budget, the benefits are many,

  • All website and related applications are managed within one system.
  • Complete in-house control of all website content.
  • Open source CMS with no license needed.
  • Secure web access for all approved content managers (see CMS Maintenance Solutions for more).
  • User management features for adding and removing content managers.
  • Custom user interfaces for a streamlined user experience.

Can you update your content easily? All of it?

Yes, You Can.

Custom CMS Solutions

We are proficient in PHP, an open source programming language. We create fully featured, custom developed, content management systems to fit your project needs.

Enhancements & Modifications

Content management systems like WordPress or Drupal are very powerful right “out of the box”. But, sometimes you need more than what’s offered in the base WordPress or Drupal installations.

Our in-house development team of Zend certified PHP developers can develop just about any CMS customization you can imagine. The only limitations are your time frame and budget.

Our custom CMS enhancements and modifications can include,

  • CRM integration with systems like iMIS and Salesforce.
  • Marketing automation integration with products like Marketo, Pardot, and HubSpot.
  • Custom user types and functionality for members, customers, or other users.
  • eCommerce customization.
  • Advanced custom fields for easy management of call to action, header, and other content.
  • Custom database solutions for knowledge center and portal applications.

These are just a quick list of some customizations we’ve done in the past. If you can dream it up, we can build it.

Training & Support

We also offer training and support for each of these products.

For extending the life of your website and ensuring security, we offer CMS Maintenance services.